Does Practice Really Make Perfect?

Yeah will not sure I want to say perfect to this practice mantra. However, I am pleased with myself for trying new things for the first time, I think I am doing pretty good. I am still doing ICAD 2014 and using it to try different things. I don’t draw, I’ve tried a few times, but they always look flat, so I stopped doing it. I was afraid of dimension, shadows, lighting, well not sure afraid is the right word, just didn’t know how to do it. I am learning and I am practicing. Here are a few drawings I worked on an index card. 5of61BuddhaLaughing Buddha. This was done freehand by looking at a picture. 8of61Penguin  9of61Snail  The penguin and snail are from the book 50 Things to Draw by Ed Tadem where he gives instructions on how to achieve the drawing along with shading. I am really amazed at myself over these last two drawings. I did dimension and shading and it doesn’t look bad. I am also doing a class online with Derwent, they take you through different  techniques. The first one was lighting and shading. I had fun doing it but it was really hard for me to get she shaping. So shaping is something I’ve added to my list of things to practice.   DerwentBallcropped  Every time I look at it I think the shadow should slant a little more to the left, more in line with following the light spot on the ball. However, it passed and I was sent the next video lesson. I have been really focusing on art lessons and unfortunately I’ve let my Documented Life Planner slip. I did work a little bit on it Thursday and will do more this week. I really want to catch up, plus I have a great idea for one of the challenges, I’ll post here when I finish it. I also am doing a few more different lessons but I’ll tell all about those when I’m done with the drawings required. So this week will be pretty busy catching up with all this on my plate. Plus I will be taking a class in Greensboro Saturday and Sunday. I was supposed to go to Florida but that didn’t pan out, but the class is a great consolation. It is two days with Wendy Vecchi, a wonderful artist and designer with Ranger Inks at Betty’s Scrapbook Room. Hugs!! Namaste!!

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