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What do flowers and doors have in common? Me! I love having flowers around me and I always have a bunch planted along our walkway and in pots on my front porch. My front door has a hanging metal planter with fake flowers that I change throughout the season.

First let me share a beautiful bouquet of flowers that my lovely daughter-in-law Jill sent us for New Years.

Click to make bigger

Click to make bigger

As mentioned in earlier posts I am doing the Documented Life Project and the first week challenge was photograph, paint, sketch your front door.


I didn’t place it on the first week’s tip-in, instead it is on the actual first page as it is a door to myself as well as my home. I incorporated flowers since I always have flowers coming into my house. We have a wonderful purple butterfly bush which attracts a lot of butterflies so I have one on my page. The little blue oval actually hangs on my porch railing, a cardinal with ‘welcome’ underneath. It has been hanging for a very long time and extremely faded. I think this year she needs an update. Above the door says ‘my favorite place.’ I assimilated my OLW Fearless by including a saying by Louisa May Alcott as my door mat,

I am not afraid

of storms for I am

learning to sail my ship


Open the door and it says ‘this is your time make it meaningful.’ I journaled on the door about trying to keep planted flowers in the front but the squirrels like to dig them up and plant their acorns. This winter I planted pansies and they  dug up every single one. I would come out and there in a line my pansies would by laying. I would remove their acorns and replant only to have them dug up again. Either they don’t like my pansies or they really want those acorns planted along my walkway.


I did change the front cover a bit. I put a bit of lace above Manifesto. I have a ton of Pima flowers (are they still all the rage) so I put a few on the cover and I changed Fearless a bit, making it a bit lighter and added some color. I lightened up the tri-design and added some runner tape.

I hope you enjoyed!



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